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By the Dawn launched

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By the Dawn is the online version of a book with the same name, aimed at compiling recommended acts, prayers, supplications and visitations at the holy shrines in Najaf, Kūfa, Sahla,Karbalā, Al-Kāẓimīya, Sāmarrā, Mashhad, and Qom; along with a section dedicated to Imām Mahdī (a).

With time, we intend to add content for more holy places (e.g. Medina, Damascus), along with common visitations like Al-Zīyārah al-Jāmiʿa al-Kabīra.

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PDF Copy

By the Dawn is available for download in PDF format by clicking here.


A very special thanks to the team at for providing the texts of the supplications and visitations.

Thanks to Wilayat Mission Publications for their translation of Kāmil al-Zīyārāt.